Compounding line

Reorganization for the fully automated assembly of prepaid mobile phone packages


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Self-sustained working components are being regulated centralized by the new control via the new Siemens Software-PLC 
SIM-Card, manual and further accompanying documents will be added via activatable accompanying-material-adders.
Data scanner at the line enable a discharge of faulty packages
The heart of the plant is an industrial PC which administrates the following components:
Siemens Software-PLC with linkage to the external Profibus-Peripheries 
Rockwell Visualization System for operating and checking the processes
High-level-programme including data bench and SAP-linkage
Ethernet linkage to data scanner, print-lable-applier and four in-situ-panel-Pcs, distributed within the plant
safety by means of a spark detection system
quick reaction due to telemaintenance via modem
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